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Current Opportunities

Graduate Building Designer / Draftsperson

  • As a Graduate Building Designer, you will be involved in working on a wide variety of residential and commercial projects including, multi-unit development, apartments, offices, retail and commercial buildings. Reporting to Senior Building Designer, you will have a broad understanding of various project types, and be experienced in coordinating projects from concept, documentation and all submissions

internship program


As a fast growing company emerging in the construction industry, WestUrban is willing to create a platform for young people who have the relevant background to build up their career and experience the practical process of land development. From urban planning to property management, we welcome candidates who are keen to develop their professional skills and specialty within chosen areas. Internship programs are available in below fields:


Reports to Building Designer to provide admin, design and construction support to the design team. Work closely with building designer to complete all the projects. To be a successful candidate, you will be proficient in ArchiCAD with strong team spirit, demonstrating strong negotiation and project management skills. You will be exposed completely to the industry and practical process of real projects.


Reports to Urban Designer, provide admin, design and customer service. Work closely with urban designer to complete all projects as well as helping clients to achieve win win result. To be a successful candidate, you will be proficient in ArchiCAD with strong team spirit and demonstrating strong negotiation skills. You will be in touch with council planners, clients and other consultant in the industry dealing with real projects and clients. 


With strong attention to details skills, you will be reporting to Engineering Manager in providing admin and drafting support. To be a successful candidate, you will master relevant software skills and be willing to learn more and fast. You will be working with experienced engineer closely in fast paced environment.

Project Management

Reports to project management manager, providing administration support to business development and project management team. To be a successful candidate, you will be proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, have strong attention to detail and excellent communication skills. You will have the opportunity to understand the whole land development process & industry, and assemble comprehensive knowledge of real estate. 

Employee Benefits


On top of the professional skills and knowledge you can gain during work, WestUrban understands that a successful firm can only grow when every individual grows. We value all staff in all positions and provide comprehensive employee welfare for all our staff.

In addition, we encourage our employees to participate in industry events and awards, building connections between our people with leading associations.

In WestUrban you will be working under multi-culture background. The team is young, innovative, easy-going and working hard to achieve results.

Philosophy & Culture

As an emerging company in the market, we have the advantages of insight to all aspects of the industry and reflect this understanding in our work. As part of WestUrban, you are also are eligible to this knowledge and will grow with us.

If you are passionate about this industry, a challenge seeker and self driven person. Please feel free to email us your CV and Resume. Email: info@westurban.com.au


WestUrban Group is composed by different teams with people from different backgrounds. It is essential to have great communication skills to achieve the seamless service we target as to stand out from other builders.