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    How long does it take to obtain the town planning permit?

    Typically between 6-12 months, to allow for the design to be finalised and for the council to grant their approval.

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    Can I appoint my own architect?

    Yes, we will be happy to work with your preferred architect.

  • 3.

    Do you have off-the-shelf plans?

    No. All of our plans are individually catered to suit the needs of your particular build.

  • 4.

    How many times can I make changes?

    While there is no limit to changes in plans, be aware that each change will delay the project lodgement to the council.

  • 5.

    How soon can I get a preliminary quotation?

    We can provide you with a preliminary quotation within 48 hours of receiving all the relevant site documentation.

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    Does WestUrban help me find a good site for margin?

    Yes. We are happy to offer this VIP service to our clients before making an offer or before an auction. Please email us the site address and Section 32 so we can provide you with a preliminary site analysis.

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    How soon will I be contacted after I have sent an online inquiry?

    We will contact you as soon as we can, usually within one business day.

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    What is the feedback procedure?

    We'd love to hear your feedback! If you have any comments on your experience with us, please email us and let us know.

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    How do I maintain my home after handover?

    Please refer to your individual warranty and the care instructions provided to you in your new home guide. Otherwise, you can email our maintenance team at maintenance@westurban.com.au.

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    What are your office hours?

    Our office hours are between 9.00am - 6.00pm, Monday to Friday.

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    Does WestUrban have a finance department?

    No. Our clients will need to seek and deal with bankers or brokers by themselves.

  • 12.

    Does WestUrban do renovations?

    No. We do not do renovations.

  • 13.

    What are the areas WestUrban covers?

    Our construction service covers most of Metro Melbourne suburbs. Our design service has no limitation of locations.

  • 14.

    What are WestUrban's specialisations?

    WestUrban specialises in design and build for subdivision projects, from two units and upwards per site.

  • 15.

    What's the difference between a project builder and a volume builder?

    A project builder have a standardised work flow from design to build. They don't provide off-the-shelf floorplans due to the complexity of subdivision and land conditions. Besides they provide add-value services including a feasibility study, customised design, subdivision assistance, and other services.

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    What are covenants?

    Restrictions placed on your land which set the requirements for the size of your new home, including the style or type of materials used. These will be outlined in the Section 32 Vendor Statement. Protecting your investment, covenants regulate the standard of homes in an estate. Most new estates also have specific Developer Guidelines, which the buyer must comply with. As a land development specialist, we can assist you to comply it or remove it through permit application process.

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    How long has WestUrban been doing business?

    WestUrban has been leading in design and build since we started in 2008.

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    Do you have a dedicated customer service policy before, during, and after the construction taking place?

    Yes. We always try to keep the communication on time, in time and providing abundant information.

  • 19.

    If I have any questions during the building process, who should I contact?

    Your Construction Project Manager is your first point of contact. You will be introduced to them before the construction of your new home commences.

  • 20.

    Does WestUrban use contracts other than the Master Builders?

    WestUrban ensures the highest quality by using both AS4000 standard contract and the Master Builders contract.

  • 21.

    In general, what contract do you use for construction?

    Typically, we will use a contract template of the Master Builders Association of Victoria. We believe this is the fairest and most transparent contract that can be offered.

  • 22.

    Who can sign in the construction contract?

    Generally, people who are registered in the land title should also be the ones signing in the contract.

  • 23.

    Is there a cooling off period when signing the construction contract?

    Yes. The cooling off period expires after five business days of the signing of the contract.

  • 24.

    What if the builder exceeds the timeframe allowed for construction?

    The builder is liable to pay liquidated damages to the project owner at a pre-agreed rate.

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    What is subdivision?

    Subdivision is the division of land into smaller lots. These lots can be sold individually.

  • 26.

    Can I subdivide my land before construction?

    Yes. You can subdivide your land before construction begins. Our subdivision team is ready to help you through the process to ensure the best outcome for you.

  • 27.

    Can I get my preferred street number?

    Though street numbers are ultimately decided by the council, our team can help you to ask the council to get the street number you want.

  • 28.

    Where can I decide my project's colour & material selection?

    At WestUrban, we can take you through our in-house display studio to decide the best colours and materials that will suit you and your home.

  • 29.

    Is demolition included?

    Demolition is available as an option.

  • 30.

    Is landscape included?

    Landscaping is included and constructed according to the endorsed landscape plan.

  • 31.

    What am I required to do before demolition?

    Our pre-construction experts will work with you to arrange all the necessary pre-construction steps.

  • 32.

    Do you have a display home?

    We do not have a display home, however, we are proud to display the wide variety of finishes we have on offer at our WestUrban Studio. We can also provide access to completed projects for a close inspection of our quality and craftsmanship.

  • 33.

    How soon can the building permit be issued?

    With help from our pre-construction team, the site will usually be ready to build within 4-6 weeks.

  • 34.

    What is the advantage of doing design and construction with WestUrban?

    At WestUrban, we pride ourselves on strong communication between our professional units. We work hard to minimise any variance of costs from beginning to end of the entire project, saving you money and offering you peace of mind.

  • 35.

    Can I visit the building site to see my home?

    Yes. You are able to see your project during construction. You will need to contact the construction project manager to make an appointment. Please be advised, the project manager will require 48 hours' notice for any site inspection.

  • 36.

    How soon can you start building?

    We will begin building your home within 14 business days of the building permit being issued.

  • 37.

    How long will it take to build a project?

    It depends on the specific requirements for your project. For a straightforward build, such as a double-storey home, construction will ususally take between 8-10 months. If your project requires more thorough planning and work, construction can take between 12-15 months. Time variance occurs due to several factors, such as the nature of the site, the size of the proect and the finishes included in the plan.

  • 38.

    What construction guarantees do you offer?

    We are legally obliged to provide each contract with a Warranty Insurance Certificate. This certificate is the insurance on the building, which provides structural protection for 6.5 years from the date a certificate of occupancy is issued. Furthermore, there is a 90 days maintenance period during which we will come and fix any minor issues with the home after you move in.

  • 39.

    Why are pendant lights not included?

    Pendant lights are left for you to make your own personal choice. WestUrban will install LED downlights during construction, but you can modify these once the construction ends and the project handover takes place.

  • 40.

    Why are curtains not included in the project?

    Curtains are left to the owner to decide upon once the project is completed and handed over.

  • 41.

    Can I do works on the home myself during construction?

    Only the builders approved by WestUrban are permitted to carry out work on any project during its construction, as any violation could void the new home warranty. This is in accordance with relavant Occupational Health & Safety standards required by law. With respect to these conditions, we are happy to co-ordinate any work during construction.

  • 42.

    How many rounds of rectification can I have during the 3D rendering making? How long will each round take?

    Your involvement will include choosing the angle at modelling stage and two rounds of rectification at rendering stage. After this, the images will come to finalisation. Normally, each round will take 1-2 weeks depending on your response time. 

  • 43.

    What is included in your project marketing service?

    We provide 3D rendering images, marketing floor plans and project brochure design.

  • 44.

    What do I need for my pre-sale of the project?

    We recommend a comprehensive brochure which includes 3D rendering images, floorplans and a suburb profile for your pre-sale.

  • 45.

    What documents do I need to proceed to project marketing?

    You will need to have your endorsement drawing in both .dwg and .pdf files, as well as your specification schedule including all colour and material selection.

  • 46.

    How many 3D images do I need?

    For projects under three units, we recommend two exterior and two interior images including the kitchen and bathroom. For projects above three units, we recommend three exterior and three interior images including the living room, kitchen and bathroom.